Clinical Rotations

Sample Rotation Schedule


Residents handle basic cases, with a focus on perioperative care. Rotations include gastrointestinal/bariatric surgery, acute care surgery, trauma surgery, surgical oncology, transplant surgery, vascular surgery, burn surgery, VA hospital, ICU, and night float.


Residents spend more time in the operating room, with a target of 250 cases by the end of the year. Rotations include intensive care (surgical, trauma and cardiac), endoscopy, pediatric surgery, VA hospital, acute care general surgery, Winchester Medical Center, and surgical oncology.


Residents get community experience at Winchester Medical Center, as well as at the VA hospital, and do rotations at VCU Medical Center on transplant surgery, night float, surgical oncology, and gastrointestinal/bariatric surgery.


Residents rotate on night float and serve as chiefs of service on thoracic, Winchester Medical Center, pediatric surgery, and trauma surgery.


Residents are responsible for education of the junior residents and also serve as chiefs of service at the VA hospital, surgical oncology, acute care general surgery, and colorectal service. Schedule permitting, residents may also get an elective on a service of their choice.


Weekly educational conference is 7:00 – 9:15am on Thursday mornings and is comprised of case conference (M&M), Grand Rounds, and resident-led core didactic teaching.  The didactic teaching portion is dedicated to basic science and utilizes the SCORE curriculum. 

Conference is a hybrid format and teleconferenced to faculty and residents at the Winchester and VA sites.

Following Thursday's conference, Program Leadership holds a class meeting by PGY level where issues can be discussed bi-directionally.

The chief review is held 5:00 – 6:00pm on Thursday nights and is run by the chief residents.  It focuses on ABSITE, SESAP, and oral board review.

Additionally, each division has its own weekly conference where cases are reviewed. Divisional conferences also focus on education and quality assurance.