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Resident education in the VCU Urology Residency program is grounded in educational opportunities with in-depth training in all disciplines of urology, including endourology, minimally-invasive and robotic urology, neurourology, pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual health and urology. This is accomplished, in part, through experiences at numerous hospitals. Residents rotate and provide call coverage for VCU Medical Center and the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center. On the six-month Pediatric Urology service during PGY-3 year, residents will also operate at the Outpatient Surgery Center in the Children’s Hospital of Richmond.


VCU Medical Center  |

VCU Medical Center is an 805-bed tertiary medical center that attracts large number of complicated, unusual, and different urologic cases from across Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. It is the region’s only Level 1 trauma center for adults and children, and is the largest safety net hospital in the state. VCU is home to one of the largest renal transplantation services in the country, due in part to the fact that UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing) is headquartered in Richmond. It also serves as the primary referral hospital for the incarcerated population in the state. There are 35 main operating rooms and 6 outpatient surgery rooms. Urology typically has 2-3 The VCU Urology Clinic has a dedicated cystoscopy room as well as a urodynamics suite. There is a dedicated inpatient PA as well as three APPs (1 PA, 2 NPs) in the clinic.

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Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center  |

The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center is a 349-bed tertiary medical center and is only one of five Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers in the country, including the largest spinal cord injury unit in the country. This provides residents with a truly unique experience in bladder physiology and neuro-urology. The McGuire VA Urology Clinic is one of the busiest in the hospital, with 7 dedicated APPs (6 NPs, 1 PA) with clinic cystoscopies performed on Mondays and Wednesdays, and prostate biopsies performed on Mondays and Thursdays. Residents spend 50% of their time at the McGuire VA during PGY2, PGY4, and PGY5. At this hospitals, residents function more independently, making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions and impart their knowledge on fellow residents and medical students. B. Mayer Grob, MD and Sarah Krzastek, MD, and other members of the clinical faculty assist in surgery and in the various urology clinics.

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Children’s Pavilion at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond  |

The Children’s Pavilion is the main outpatient facility for Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU and the largest, most advanced outpatient facility dedicated to children in the region. The 15-story, 640,000-square-foot facility opened in March 2016, bringing together nearly all pediatric outpatient services under one roof. It houses radiology, same-day surgery, lab testing, dialysis, infusions and more in an environment custom-made for kids. There are four outpatient operating rooms that are utilized on a daily basis by our four full-time pediatric urologists. Our division chair for pediatric urology, Dr. CD Anthony Herndon, is the Surgeon-in-Chief for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond.

The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU opened its inpatient children’s hospital in 2023. This 16-story, 500,000-square-foot facility which replaced existing inpatient unit beds at VCU Medical Center across the street, and will consolidate inpatient and emergency care to one location. This 16-story, 500,000-square-foot facility which replaced existing inpatient unit beds at VCU Medical Center across the street, and will consolidate inpatient and emergency care to one location. There are 86 private rooms for acute and intensive care as well as dedicated imaging services. The new hospital is part of a comprehensive plan to address the needs of the community and the state, becoming a destination for children and their families seeking exceptional health care as well as a destination for research and educational opportunities.

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VCU Medical Center Adult Outpatient Pavilion 

The Adult Outpatient Pavilion is a 16-story, 603,000-square-foot building which houses many outpatient clinics, including VCU Massey Cancer Care outpatient care. The VCU Urology Clinic is located on the 11th floor.

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