Each week, the Division of Urology holds lectures and conferences to supplement Resident and Faculty education.

In an effort to ensure that residents build the necessary knowledge base to perform well on the annual in-service exam and on the urology boards, we have developed a “Strive for Five” curriculum largely based on the AUA Core Curriculum in addition to updated AUA Guidelines and AUA Updates. Please see our Strive for Five  didactics teaching sessions curriculum for more information.

Below is a list of the various lectures and topics covered and the frequency of each conference.

5:30pm – Resident Education Conference (REC), 1st Monday of the month

5:30pm – Journal Club, 3rd Tuesday of the month

6:30am – rotating class meeting (PGY1-5) with the Program Director
7:00am – Indications Conference to highlight notable imaging and complex cases
7:45am – Grand Rounds (rotates between AUA Guidelines, AUA Updates, SASP, guest lectures, and M&M)

7:00am – “Strive for Five” didactics teaching sessions 
9:00am – GU Tumor Board

urology residency didactics

urology residency didactics

urology residency didactics