Thank you for your interest in the Urology Residency Program at VCU! We are excited to be considered for your future training in urologic surgery!

The Urology Residency Program at VCU is an accredited 5-year residency program that participates in the AUA Match. We will be accepting three residents for the Urology Match. 

We consider every application with no absolute cut-offs other than attending an accredited U.S. medical or osteopathic school. Each application is reviewed thoroughly by the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC), comprised of the Program Director (Adam Klausner, MD), Associate Program Director (J. Tyler Roseman, MD), Division Chair (Lance Hampton, MD, and site directors from VCU (Luriel Smith-Harrison, MD), the VA (Sarah Krzastek, MD) and Pediatric Urology (Eric Nelson, MD). In addition, senior and junior residents sit on the committee and actively participate in the process.  The committee attempts to balance interview offers to ensure a vibrant and diverse pool of applicants.

Resident candidates submit their applications through the Electronic Residency Application System. A complete application consists of the following documents:

  • CV
  • Application
  • Personal statement
  • Three letters of recommendation (one of which should come from your Chair of Urology or Program Director if available)
  • Medical school transcript
  • USMLE Step 1 score and Step 2 score, if available

Thank you for your interest in our program. If you need further information, feel free to review our Prospective Resident FAQ or reach out to our Residency Program Coordinator, Carmen Lancaster , at (804) 628-8514 or