Clinical Rotations

The first year is a urology internship year with residents rotating through the following areas:

  • Urology for seven months (includes one month of urogynecology)
  • Surgical oncology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Acute general surgery
  • Night float surgery
  • Surgical intensive care unit (SICU)

During the first year, the goal of the training is to provide a knowledge base of surgical principles and techniques and the ability to manage surgical patients on the ward and in the surgical intensive care unit.

During the second year, residents have rotations at VCU Medical Center and the McGuire VA. Residents at this level switch hospitals every two months. This year is split primarily between the operating room and the clinic.

In the third year, residents have a dedicated six-month research block in addition to a six-month pediatric urology rotation at Children’s Hospital of Richmond. The research resident remains in the call pool and will maintain their surgical skills as they are expected to still operate one day per week on average.

The fourth year is split between VCU Medical Center and the McGuire VA. Residents at this level switch hospitals every three months. They are senior residents with a heavy operative focus and serve as chief of the consult services at both hospitals. 

In the fifth year, the residents are chief residents. They are involved in a wide variety of complex oncology and robotic/laparoscopic surgery as well as open surgery. Residents at this level switch hospitals every six months. They have administrative duties that prepare them for independent practice after training.

The clinical rotation schedule for the 2021-2022 academic year is pictured below:

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