Dedicated to providing comprehensive training

General Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Urology

VCU Department of Surgery residency programs are dedicated to providing comprehensive training. Our programs offer diverse clinical settings in the following training fields:

VCU School of Medicine: The Residency Experience

"An Unparalleled Residency Experience"

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VCU School of Medicine: The Residency Experience VCU School of Medicine: The Residency Experience
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Living in RVA

Richmond, Virginia, combines the amenities of a major metropolitan area with the charm and convenience of a small, historic city.

As an urban academic medical center, the VCU School of Medicine rests in the heart of Richmond, Virginia (RVA to those who live here). We pride ourselves on being active members of our community, with a commitment to engaging and investing in Richmond as learners, researchers, healers and citizens.

Living in RVA

Benefits available to our residents include:

  • Three weeks of vacation per year.
  • Priority access to the NAEYC-accredited for children (starting at 6 weeks old), with drop-off as early as 6am, and pick-up as late at 11pm.
  • Subsidized parking on “D Deck”, the highly-sought parking garage located immediately adjacent to VCU Medical Center for residents and attendings
  • Dedicated inpatient NPs for floor coverage at both VCU and McGuire VA
  • An educational fund per resident of $1200 each year to be used on textbooks, conferences, etc.
  • Free set of surgical loupes upon starting residency.
  • Free group life and disability insurance for all housestaff.
  • Discounted access (~$18/mo) to the VCU recreational facilities, including:
  • Superb medical and dental insurance. Highlights include a maximum cost of $100 for any inpatient hospitalization (e.g. birth of a child at VCU Health), and a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) with $300 yearly roll-over credits after completing basic requirements such as completing a nutrition survey and seeing a PCP or eye doctor annually.

urology residency program

For more information on available benefits and resources, please visit the VCU GME Housestaff website.