We recognize that urology residency can be challenging, with work that may require long hours and be emotionally-demanding and stressful.

Residency is both exciting and challenging. Having graduated from medical school and chosen a specialty, residents are finally doctors, making crucial decisions that affect patients’ lives every day. It is both an immense honor and a huge responsibility, and we do everything we can to help residents navigate the demanding landscape of emergency medicine. 

Our program requires hard work, personal growth, and career development, but it wouldn’t be complete without activities outside of work that foster community, promote balance, and prevent burnout.

VCU Urology is dedicated to promoting a culture of wellness for its trainees. Our residents work an average of 65-70 hours per week, and this includes three weekends off per month during PGY2-3 and most weekends off during PGY4. Please see our call schedule for more information.

We are continuously working on ensuring that residents have a balanced life in and out of the hospital. We rely on our residents’ input to become better each year.

urology residents work life balance