Benefits available to our residents include:

  • Three weeks of vacation per year.
  • Priority access to the NAEYC-accredited for children (starting at 6 weeks old), with drop-off as early as 6am, and pick-up as late at 11pm.
  • Subsidized parking on “D Deck”, the highly-sought parking garage located immediately adjacent to VCU Medical Center for residents and attendings
  • Dedicated inpatient NPs for floor coverage at both VCU and McGuire VA
  • An educational fund per resident of $1200 each year to be used on textbooks, conferences, etc.
  • Free set of surgical loupes upon starting residency.
  • Free group life and disability insurance for all housestaff.
  • Discounted access (~$18/mo) to the VCU recreational facilities, including:
  • Superb medical and dental insurance. Highlights include a maximum cost of $100 for any inpatient hospitalization (e.g. birth of a child at VCU Health), and a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) with $300 yearly roll-over credits after completing basic requirements such as completing a nutrition survey and seeing a PCP or eye doctor annually.

urology residency program

For more information on available benefits and resources, please review the Housestaff Benefits Guide (PDF) and VCU GME Housestaff website.