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We are committed to providing exceptional patient care, advancing surgical techniques, fostering education and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to deliver comprehensive and personalized vascular healthcare solutions.

Dr. Mark Levy, MD, FACS
Division Chair

Against all Odds

Dr. Daniel Newton, a prominent member of the Vascular Division of Surgery at VCU Health System, enthusiastically shared the remarkable transformations occurring within the division. These groundbreaking changes encompass a series of successful patient cases and the recent inauguration of the Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency program, set to welcome two aspiring Vascular Surgery Residents on July 1st, 2023. Notably, one of the successful cases involved saving a leg of a patient who at other institutions had only been offered an above-the-knee amputation. Dr. Newton and the Vascular Surgery team reinstated blood flow to the limb and effectively treated the underlying infection, which had initially warranted the drastic measure of amputation. The complexity of the case demanded a collaborative effort between various teams, including outpatient wound care specialists and the patient’s local healthcare team.

Furthermore, considerable efforts have been underway for the past two years to secure funding for the Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency program and attain the necessary accreditation. These efforts exemplify the expertise and commitment of the Vascular Surgery Division in both shaping the next generation of healthcare providers and delivering exceptional clinical care. The establishment of the Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency not only signifies a significant milestone for the division but also represents an invaluable opportunity to cultivate the talents and skills of emerging vascular surgeons.

The success stories within the division and the introduction of the Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency program epitomize the department's unwavering dedication to advancing patient care, fostering education, and nurturing future leaders in vascular surgery. Dr. Newton's enthusiasm for these positive developments echoes the collective pride and enthusiasm shared by the entire Vascular Division of Surgery at VCU Health System. With its continued commitment to innovation, excellence, and compassionate care, the division remains at the forefront of vascular surgery, setting new standards and inspiring hope in patients and medical professionals alike

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