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Our goal is to treat all patients with the same level of skill, empathy, and communication that we would want for our own family members.

Dr. Lance Hampton, MD, FACS
Division Chair

Receiving and Giving Top-Notch Care

Charnetta Lester's childhood aspirations of becoming a nurse were inspired by witnessing the compassionate care provided to her mother. She pursued her dreams, graduating from VCU School of Nursing and is now a dedicated Registered Nurse at VCU with an impressive 22 years of clinical experience. Charnetta's unwavering commitment to VCU is evident as she proudly states, "VCU is the only place that I've ever really wanted to work, and I'm proud to be here at VCU." Throughout her career, she has been a beacon of care and has positively affected the lives of many patients.

However, recently, Charnetta found herself on the receiving end of exceptional care at VCU. Dr. Lance Hampton and the Urology team at VCU Health stepped in to provide Charnetta with the excellent care she needed as a patient. Dr. Hampton performed a series of complex surgeries to address the complications Charnetta was experiencing. Following the surgeries, Charnetta expressed her gratitude, stating, "I'm blessed that we had the surgical team in place to correct my complication, and I'm pretty much back to normal."

With her health restored, Charnetta has returned to work, continuing her mission of helping and caring for patients admitted to VCU Health. Her firsthand experience as a patient not only highlights the exceptional medical expertise available at VCU but also serves as a testament to the dedication and commitment of the entire healthcare team.

Charnetta's journey from aspiring nurse to dedicated healthcare professional and patient showcases the seamless integration of care within the VCU Health system. The collaboration and expertise of Dr. Hampton and the Urology team contributed to Charnetta's successful recovery, allowing her to resume her vital role in caring for others.

Charnetta's story exemplifies the profound impact healthcare professionals can have on the lives of patients. Her unwavering dedication to VCU and her firsthand experience as a patient reflect the strong sense of community and compassion that permeates the institution. As she continues her work at VCU Health, Charnetta remains a shining example of the quality care and unwavering commitment that patients can expect when they walk through the doors of VCU.

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