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Dr. Victoria Findlay, an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery and Co-Leader for the Cancer Prevention and Control Program, has dedicated her research to women's health. Specifically, her focus lies in studying advanced glycation products (A.G.E.s), metabolites found in food items, and their potential correlation to cancer. In today's society, the consumption of convenient foods has become more prevalent, leading to higher intake of processed foods that are packed with A.G.E.s. This trend poses a potential risk for future health problems.

Dr. Findlay and her colleagues have made significant strides in uncovering a link between A.G.E.s, metabolites, and aggressive cancer outcomes in general populations. While this connection may not entirely eliminate the possibility of developing cancer, Dr. Findlay's findings indicate that it can help reduce the risk and, if diagnosed, make the disease more manageable.

In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Findlay and her team place a strong emphasis on public education, particularly targeting children through educational programs conducted in local schools. Recognizing the need for a broader reach, Dr. Findlay co-founded a not-for-profit organization called the Anti-A.G.E.s Foundation. The foundation's mission is to educate individuals globally, including patients, community members, medical professionals, nurses, and others, with the aim of improving treatment options, enhancing quality of life, and reducing risk related to A.G.E.s.

With a commitment to expanding their knowledge base, the research team continues to conduct innovative research. Their efforts are geared towards benefiting the overall health and well-being of the community. By disseminating information, raising awareness, and working towards improved treatment strategies, Dr. Findlay is actively striving to make a positive impact in the field of women's health and cancer prevention.

Through her multifaceted approach of research, education, and community engagement, Dr. Findlay aims to empower individuals with knowledge, equipping them to make informed decisions regarding their health. Her dedication to advancing the understanding of A.G.E.s and their implications for cancer offers hope for a healthier future, not only for women but for all members of the community.

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