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We serve the greater Richmond community and far beyond, including international sites in Belize, Jamaica, and Brazil, as “people taking care of people” in innovative ways, and with exceptional skill and compassion.

Dr. Charles Bagwell, MD, FACS
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Dr. Jason Sulkowski, a surgeon at the Children's Hospital of Richmond, recently provided crucial care to a newborn patient diagnosed with a cloacal malformation. This condition is a rare congenital anomaly that involves the merging of the genitourinary system and intestine, resulting in a single opening for their exits from the body. The complexity of the diagnosis necessitated a series of procedures to address the issue. However, thanks to the collaborative efforts and expertise of VCU's multidisciplinary team, which included specialists in Pediatric Urology, Nephrology, and General Surgery, the treatment was successful.

VCU’s multidisciplinary team has brought a plethora of benefits to our patients, such as improved coordination for scheduling and treatment, as well as reduced number of appointments. This integrated approach ensures that the medical professionals involved are able to work together seamlessly, providing comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of the patient's condition. The seamless coordination ultimately enhances the overall treatment experience for both the patient and their family.

The parents of the patient expressed immense gratitude towards the team of dedicated surgeons, nurses, and other care team members who played a part in this experience. These healthcare professionals have not only provided exceptional medical expertise but have also been a source of guidance and support throughout the challenging journey faced by the family.

The successful treatment of the newborn with a cloacal malformation is a testament to the commitment and collaboration of the entire healthcare team at VCU’s Department of Surgery. The specialized expertise, combined with effective communication and a patient-centered approach, contributed to the positive outcome for the infant. The multidisciplinary team's dedication to providing exceptional care reinforces their mission of pursuing excellence in surgical care through constant innovation and education to give every patient the best possible care.

Dr. Sulkowski and his colleagues continue to exemplify the values of excellence and compassion in pediatric surgery. Through their combined efforts and expertise, they bring hope and healing to those facing complex medical conditions, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care.

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