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Our commitment lies in delivering compassionate and family-centered care, fostering open communication, collaboration, and education to empower patients and their families, enabling them to actively participate in their care decisions.

Dr. C.D. Anthony Herndon, MD
Section Chief

A Life Full of Opportunities

Dr. CD Anthony Herndon, the Surgeon-in-Chief of the Children's Hospital of Richmond, recently provided life-changing care to an infant with a rare congenital anomaly known as bladder exstrophy. This condition occurs when the bladder and pelvis fail to fuse properly during prenatal development. Due to the complexity of the case, the expertise of multiple departments within VCU's multidisciplinary team, including Orthopedics, Maternal Fetal Medicine, and Urology were required to ensure the best possible outcome.

The quality outcomes our patients and their families experience are driven by teamwork. Dr. Herndon, fortified this in stating, "I participate on a team that makes the child's life better, and I can't do that without every individual on that team including the nurses, surgical techs and fellow surgeons. We have all these great expertise at VCU and I feel fortunate to work here." The success of such intricate treatments relies heavily on effective communication and coordination among all. In this particular case, all the pieces came together, contributing to the patient's success.

We would be remiss to omit the success of previous patients who have undergone bladder exstrophy treatment. Several have gone on to excel academically which is not unusual for this patient population. Many of them have pursued secondary education and professional schools, performing exceptionally well compared to their peers across various industries. These success stories are a testament to the comprehensive care provided by Dr. Herndon and the collaborative efforts of the entire medical team at VCU.

This case of the infant with bladder exstrophy exemplifies the commitment of all staff at VCU Health and Children’s Hospital of Richmond to enhance patients' lives and improve their overall well-being. The multidisciplinary approach, combined with effective communication, ensures that patients receive the best possible care and support throughout their treatment journey. With continued dedication and expertise, VCU remains at the forefront of surgical advancements, providing hope and opportunities for a brighter future for patients and their families.

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