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We provide hope to every patient that comes into our center and treat all with the utmost respect and work together towards the best clinical outcomes

Dr. Jose G. Trevino, II, MD, FACS
Division Chair

A Life Worth Living

Dr. Jose Trevino holds the prestigious positions of Chair of the Division of Surgical Oncology and Surgeon-in-Chief of Massey Cancer Center. These roles place him at the forefront of providing hope and exceptional care to patients. The profound impact of his work is particularly evident in cases of pancreatic cancer, a devastating disease known for its dismal prognosis. Among the countless individuals who have encountered this formidable challenge, one remarkable patient stands out—Geoff Shudtz.

Inspired by his experience, Geoff, along with his wife Julie, took bold steps to confront pancreatic cancer head-on. Together, they established the FCSP ("Fight Cancer Stay Positive") Foundation, a research fund dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

The groundbreaking research spearheaded by Dr. Trevino and his team has played a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of pancreatic cancer. Their relentless efforts have shifted the narrative from a disheartening 5% five-year survival rate to a potential 12% five-year survival rate. Recognizing that cancer is not merely a localized ailment but a complex systemic condition, the research conducted at Massey Cancer Center empowers surgeons and the entire care team to devise optimal treatment strategies for patients confronting intricate cancer-related challenges.

While surgery alone may not be the most effective approach to combat cancer, the multidisciplinary research endeavors undertaken at Massey Cancer Center have yielded invaluable insights. This comprehensive approach enables healthcare professionals to develop personalized treatment plans that integrate surgery with other essential modalities, considering the intricate nature of the disease and the unique circumstances faced by each patient.

Dr. Trevino's leadership within the Division of Surgical Oncology and his position as Surgeon-in-Chief of Massey Cancer Center have been instrumental in fostering a culture of hope, excellence, and innovation. Through the tireless dedication of Dr. Trevino and his team, the division continues to be a beacon of light for patients facing seemingly insurmountable odds, offering cutting-edge research, compassionate care, and unwavering support in their battle against cancer.

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