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Dr. Jonathan Miller, a 6th year resident in plastic surgery at VCU, discusses a complex case involving a large groin and thigh defect following extirpation of a sarcoma. The patient had previously undergone a pedicled vertical rectus myocutaneous flap for coverage of the defect, however this was complicated by flap loss. The patient was left with a large defect of the right groin and thigh with exposure of the femoral vessels. Dr. Miller worked with his attending, Dr. Brian Le, to determine a reconstructive plan that would provide suitable tissue to cover the exposed vessels and cover the sizable defect. The wound was reconstructed with a free anterolateral thigh flap from the contralateral thigh, using extensive vein grafting across the suprapubic region to provide inflow and outflow for the tissue. This reconstructive success avoided amputation for the patient. Dr. Miller found deep satisfaction in this surgery, as it exemplified his core purpose of restoring patients’ health and helping them regain their sense of self.

The VCU Health Residency Program is a comprehensive training program offered by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Health System. It provides postgraduate medical education and training to physicians across a wide range of specialties. The program aims to prepare residents to become skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide excellent patient care.

Residents in the VCU Health program work closely with experienced faculty members who provide guidance and mentorship throughout their training. They gain hands-on experience by working in VCU Health's state-of-the-art medical facilities, including the VCU Medical Center, a nationally recognized academic medical center.

In addition to clinical training, the program also focuses on research and scholarly activities. Residents have opportunities to engage in research projects, present their findings at conferences, and publish their work in medical journals. This emphasis on research helps residents develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills while contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge

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