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The colon and rectal surgery team has a dynamic practice to meet the changing needs of patients, referring providers and surgical residents and students.

Dr. Jaime L. Bohl, MD, FACS, FASCRS
Division Chair

Jockeying for Health

Kenna Joyce, a nurse in VCU's Department of Surgery's Colorectal Surgery division, demonstrates a profound commitment to providing exceptional care for her patients. This dedication is evident in every facet of her work, whether it's addressing patient inquiries over the phone, completing discharge paperwork diligently, or offering compassionate support to alleviate patient worries. Mr. Roger Jett's story exemplifies the culture of compassionate care at VCU Health and showcases Kenna's unwavering dedication to her patients.

The Colorectal Surgery team, headed by Dr. Jaime Bohl, came together to provide comprehensive and exceptional care for Mr. Jett, a retired jockey. Mr. Jett was recommended for a complex abdominal surgery, for which he would be required to come to VCU’s downtown location. The 72-year-old patient faced multiple obstacles to receiving that care: lack of transportation between VCU and Fredericksburg, the various preoperative diagnostic studies he would need to undergo, and a COVID diagnosis that delayed his original surgery date.

Together, the VCU team overcame these various challenges to ensure timely and excellent care for Mr. Jett. Suellen Leftwich and Melodie Barnette, Administrative Assistants, arranged transportation for the patient to and from Fredericksburg. They also worked to coordinate diagnostic studies to be on the same day and even booked a stay at the Doorways, a nonprofit organization that provides housing to patients and family members who need to stay close to the hospital. Kim Haas, the Operating Room Scheduling Coordinator, found an operating room time in the midst of a tumultuous and changing environment and rescheduled the procedure when the patient tested positive for COVID.

Donna Streat at the PACE Center and the care coordination team coordinated Mr. Jett’s preadmission testing, ensuring that it could be done in one day to avoid pre-admit testing. All throughout the journey, Kenna Joyce, along with her colleague Jessie Ellis, another Colorectal Surgery nurse, provided care before, during, and after the surgery. Mr. Jett was able to come out of the surgery with great result

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