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Faculty Profiles

Michael Amendola, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery, McGuire VA Medical Center

Michael Amendola, MDContact Information:
Box 980108
Richmond, VA 23298-0108


Specialty Areas:
Vascular surgery, Endovascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Carotid Artery Disease

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine


VCU Medical Center

Vascular, VCU Medical Center

Curriculum Vitae—PDF (updated April 2016)

Nye JS, Hayes EA, Amendola M, Vaughn D, Charrow J, McLone DG, Nance WE, Pandya A (2000) Myelocystocele-Cloacal Extrophy in a Pedigree with a Mitochondrial 12S rRNA Mutation, Aminoglycoside- induced Deafness, Pigmentary Disturbances and Spinal Anomalie s.Teratology 61:165-171.

Pandya A, Xia XJ, Raadnabazar E, Amendola M, Landa B, Batsuri J, Dangaansuren B, Tuyle GV, Nance WE (1999) Heterogenous point mutation in the 3' end of tRNA ser (UCN) precursor coexisting with the pathogenic A1555G mutation in the 12SrRNA gene in deaf students from Mongolia. American Journal of Human Genetics 65: 1803-1806.

Pandya A, Xia XJ, Raadnabazar E, Amendola M, Landa B, Xia X.J., Dangaansuren, W.E. Nance (1998) Evidence for Two Distinct Mitochondrial Mutations Occurring Simultaneously in Deaf Students in Mongolia, American Journal of Human Genetics 63: supplement; No 4, A711.

Nye J, Hayes E, Amendola M, Vaughn D, Charrow J, McLone D, Nance W, Pandya A (1998) Identification of the A155G Mitochondrial Mutation (MTRNR1) in a Family with Progressive Sensorineural Hearing Loss Associated with Pigmentary, Digital and Spinal Anomalies, American Journal of Human Genetics 63: supplement; No 4, A996.

Kiev J, Amendola M, Bouhaidar D, Sandhu B, Zhao X, Maher J (2007) A Management Algorithm for Esophageal Perforation, The American Journal of Surgery 94:103-106.

Vu, H., Grover A, Amendola M, Adams, B, Survey Study Examining Patterns of Bias Toward Mastectomy verses Breast Conservation Management in an Academic Medical Center, abstract in press.

Sydnor M, Amendola M, Blakely R, Ratliff D, Thacker L, Morano G, A Retrospective Evaluation of Longevity of Fistulas in Dialysis Patients with Central Venous Stenoses and Occlusions after Angiographic Intervention, submitted to Journal of Interventional Radiology.

Sydnor M, Amendola M, McLaurin A, Romano-Daniels A, King E, Thacker L, Fox W, A Retrospective Comparison of Available Self-Expanding Covered stents in Dialysis Fistulas including Acute Occlusion Rate, Primary Patency, and Primary Assisted Patency, submitted to Journal of Interventional Radiology.

Amendola M, Pfeifer J, Albuquerque F, Levy M, Woogen-Fisher M, Davis R, A Six Year Experience with the Proximal Radial Artery Fistula - Does a Previous Access Matter? submitted to Annals of Vascular Surgery.

Parrish D, Arnhorst A, Trebska-Mcgowen K, Amendola M, Haynes J, Non-Operative management of pediatric aortic injury with seat belt syndrome: intraoperative considerations and review of literature, submitted to Journal of Vascular Surgery.

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