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Dr. David M. Hume, transplant surgeon
“Dr. David M. Hume, a Developer of Transplant Techniques, Dies”

NYT: May 21, 1973


The Humera Surgical Society honors Dr. David Hume's memory with yearly meetings designed to foster intellectual curiosity and to rekindle friendships

About Dr. Hume

DAVID MILFORD HUME was born on October 21, 1917, in Muskegon, Michigan. His education included a BS degree from Harvard University and then an MD degree from the University of Chicago. He trained at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston and served two tours of duty with the US Navy.

Dr. Hume became an Instructor in Surgery at the Harvard Medical School from 1951 to 1956. In 1955 he was appointed an Associate in Surgery at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and in 1956 he became the Stuart McGuire Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia.

Dr. Hume had many notable accomplishments. He was a member of the team which performed the first successful kidney transplant while at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and published the landmark paper in renal transplantation, describing the clinical course of unmodified recipients. He was well-known for his neuro-endocrinology research and was instrumental in mapping the hypothalamus. A pioneer in both vascular surgery and endocrine surgery, Dr. Hume also had special interests in diseases of the parathyroid and adrenal glands.

Dr. Hume was a superb teacher. He taught many students and residents and he is remembered with reverence by those with whom he came in contact.  He was always available for consultations and was free to offer advice. He lived life to the fullest and imbued a spirit of inquisitiveness, conscientiousness, and love for his fellow man among all of his trainees, both students and residents.

Dr. Hume's untimely death on May 19, 1973 left a huge void among those who knew him and those who only had contact with him.  It was a void left not just at the Medical College of Virginia, but throughout American surgery.

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