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Global Surgery Scholar Tracks

VCU Global Surgery Education at Virginia Commonwealth University
Division of Urology Resident Andrea Balthazar, MD in Hue, Viet Nam

VCU surgeons have a long history of contributing to the care of patients on nearly every continent in the world.

According to research by The Lancet Global Health, (The World Bank, The Data Blog 2018), five billion people—two thirds of world population—lack access to safe and affordable surgical, obstetric and anesthesia care with low and middle income countries (LMICs) taking a lead.1

We encourage interested medical students, residents, and fellows to work with VCU surgeons in collaboration with VCU Health and various global surgical partnerships. Global projects undertaken by the Department of Surgery include improving and implementing high-quality surgical care in pediatric surgery, critical care surgery, plastic surgery, and surgical urology.

Global Surgery Scholar Tracks:

• Global Research Scholar Track | Learn How To Apply
• Clinical Scholar Track | Learn How to Apply
• Residency Track | Learn How to Apply
• Clinical Fellowship Track | Learn How to Apply
• Program Scholar Track | Learn How to Apply

VCU Medical Student examining patient in Ecuador
VCU Medical Student examing patient in Cuenca, Ecuador


1 The World Bank (2018, February 12) Measuring surgical systems worldwide: An update. [blog post]. Retrieved from http://blogs.worldbank.org/opendata/measuring-surgical-systems-worldwide update?cid=SHR_BlogSiteShare_XX_EXT

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