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M1 & M2 TRAUMA Shadowing Opportunities

M1, M2 shadowing

Getting Started:

If you are an M1 or M2 and are interested in Trauma Shadowing opportunities, please attend our interest meeting at the beginning of the semester to receive our sign-up sheet.

If you are unable to attend the meeting or have any questions about Trauma Shadowing please contact either:

Laura Porter at 827-1032 |

Sirisha Dukkipati |


Your shift:

Shift times are as follows:

    • Friday night (5:30pm – 7:00am)
    • Saturday daytime (8:00am – 6:00pm)
    • Saturday night (5:30pm – 7:00 am)

You must be signed up with all your information complete by the Thursday of the week before your shift (i.e., 8 days before if you are signed up for Friday night).

The Wednesday before your shift you must check that you have been granted access by going up to the 5th floor of main hospital and taking out scrubs using your ID.

If you do not have access, email:

Sirisha Dukkipati will email the student and attending before the scheduled shift as a reminder and notification of the shadowing.


Guidelines for Shadowing

Saturday Morning Schedule

  1. Wear scrubs if you have access. Do not show up in a tie or suit – be prepared to walk. If you do not have scrubs that is fine. Wear a white coat.

  2. On the weekends, show up at 8am in the 9th Floor Conference Room (Room #300) (on the 9th Floor in the Critical Care Hospital) for Trauma/Acute Care General Surgery morning report.

  3. If you show up after 8am, start with step 4 below.

  4. Find the STICU team, 9th Floor Critical Care Hospital.

  5. If you cannot find the team, call the number 525-3287 and ask where they are. Introduce yourself as the shadow for Dr. ___________

  6. The rounding trauma attending will show up between 7 am and 9am

  7. Round with the team.

  8. The trauma attending of the day will respond to trauma calls and take care of emergency surgery cases including both trauma and general surgery cases. If the day is quiet, the attending may have you shadow a resident—or decide to “call you” if something interesting happens.

  9. There will be multiple different cases going on at the same time. Make sure to go on General Surgery cases if there are no traumas at the time. General Surgery Cases include: peds, onc, general, cardiac, thoracic, transplant, vascular.
    a. POG Resident Services=Pediatric Surgery, Oncologic Surgery, General Surgery
    b. CTV Resident Services=Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplant, Vascular
  10. We encourage you to shadow the WHOLE TEAM—M3’s, residents, and attending. This will enhance your experience.

Friday & Saturday Night Schedule

  1. Show up around 5:30pm to the trauma bay. Introduce yourself to the trauma team.

  2. If they are not there, go to the STICU and follow step 4 above.

Shadowing Common Sense

  1. Please refrain from bringing bags or any valuables to the hospital; you will not have a safe place to store them. Feel free to store your belongings in the lockers in MMEC.

  2. Surgical attendings you are working with are very happy to have you and welcome questions. Please try to gauge the right times for conversation, etc.

  3. Surgical attendings may have periods of time where they just need to deal with administrative obligations when there is not much clinically happening. In this situation you may be assigned to a resident.

  4. To enhance your experience it is recommended that you shadow the entire team not just the attending.

  5. Since you will not have a pager. We encourage you to share your number with a resident and/or M3. However, it is not expected of them to call you. An alternative is to work closely with the M3 since they will have a pager.

  6. Remember there are M3’s on service. M3’s get to scrub on cases, etc. You are a shadow.

  7. Enjoy the experience.

Lost / Suggestions for Improvement?

Dr. Anand:

Laura Porter:

Important Locations

  1. OR and Scrub machines – 5th floor of main hospital. Take the elevators just outside Au bon Pain up to the 5th floor.

  2. STICU – 9th floor of critical care

  3. Trauma bay/ER-R – From the outside enter through the ambulance emergency room entrance. Go past the security desk and make the first left. If you are still not sure ask the security at the desk. From inside go down to floor G using the elevators just outside Au bon Pain. Exit through the double glass doors and make a right. Walk past the security desk and make your first left into trauma bay/ER-R

  4. Student on call room - Take the elevators just outside Au bon Pain up to the 4th floor. Exit the double doors and make a right and the on call rooms will be on the right hand side about 50 meters after the student locker room.

Pre- and Post Call Survey

You MUST fill the pre-call survey out before your trauma call shift and the post- call survey in the few days after your shadowing experience. Please be assured that all responses will remain anonymous to any VCU faculty and cannot in any way negatively impact you. 

Division of Acute Care Surgical Services—Faculty List


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