Devon Freudenberger, MD
Oakland University

McKenzie Lee gs
McKenzie Lee, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University

diana otoya pgy1
Diana Otoya, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University

alex simmonds pgy1
Alexander Simmonds, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University

vignesh vudatha pgy1
Vignesh Vudatha, MD
University of Central Florida


kevin bolger pgy1pre
Kevin Bolger, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University

stephan duran pgy1pre
Stephan Duran, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

alyssa eily pgy1pre
Alyssa Eily, MD
Florida International University

sam hindi pgy1pre
Sam Hindi, DO
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

matthew kaluza pgy1pre
Matthew Kaluza, MD
St. George's University

zachary kieman pgy1pre
Zachary Kiernan, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

max moore pgy1pre
N. Max Moore, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University



yahya alwatari pgy2
Yahya Alwatari, MBBCh
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Bahrain

christine bierema
Christine Bierema, MD
University of Pennsylvania

sally boyd pgy2
Sally Boyd, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

lucas keller-biehl pgy2
Lucas Keller-Biehl, MD
Wright State University

travis sullivan pgy2
Travis Sullivan, MD
University of Tennessee


matthew brandes pgy2
Matthew Brandes, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University

diyar omer
Diyar Omer, MD, MPH
St. George's University



william hope pgy3
William Hope, MD
Thomas Jefferson University

kristine kenning
Kristine Kenning, MD
University of Connecticut

saba kurtom
Saba Kurtom, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School

william rothstein
William "Ben" Rothstein, MD
Ohio State University

nina wickramaratne
Nina Wickramaratne, MD
University of Maryland


Jonathan deAntonio
Jonathan DeAntonio, MD
East Carolina University

lindsey ferro
Lindsey Ferro, MD
University of Washington

giorgio guiulfo
Giorgio Guiulfo, MD
University of Central Florida

brianna ruch
Brianna Ruch, MD
University of Nevada

julia selfridge
Julia Selfridge, MD
Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine

PGY 5s

isaiah brown
Isaiah Brown, MD
Howard University

Daniel Galvez Lima
Daniel Galvez Lima, MD
University of Mayor de San Andrés 

matthew george
Matthew George, MD
Albany Medical College

jill peysha
Jill Peysha, MD
University of Cincinnati

jeffrey stern
Jeffrey Stern, MD
NY Medical College

Research Residents

renee cholyway
Renee Cholyway, MD
Oakland University
CT / Dr. Quader

william french
W. Brenton French, MD
University of Virginia

ashley rosenberg
Ashley Rosenberg, MD
University of Arkansas
GLOBAL SURGERY / Dr. Jayaraman

hae sung kang
Hae Sung Kang, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University
TRAUMA / Dr. Mangino

wayne tse
Wayne Tse, MD
Wright State University

h. anna xu
H. Anna Xu, MD
University of Maryland
TRAUMA / Dr. Mangino

Post Residency Positions

Where Our Residents Have Matched to Fellowship Positions 2008–2020

map of where our residents matched to fellowship positions


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