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Message from the Chair:

The Department of Surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University has an impressive history and the extent of its impact on modern surgery is immense. From the development of battlefield surgery in the Civil War, management of burns, civilian trauma, to modern techniques in treatment of cancer and organ transplantation, the list is impressive.

The last 50 years has witnessed a rise in the stature of academic surgery departments in the United States. This was fueled by changes in reimbursement, changes in the science of surgery and refinement of surgical techniques. As a result academic surgical departments were able to excel in the 3 critical missions of education, research and patient care.

You are the Department of Surgery. You are responsible for its past success; its current excellence; and you will determine its future greatness. I will promise to work with each one of you to understand your dreams and strive to make them real. We will then step together with new purpose, possibilities and a sense of dedication to the future of surgery and the department.

4 elements to our success in the future

There are four essential elements
to our success in the future:

Quality. We must understand what this means and be able to measure it. Then make continuous improvement.

Innovation. This must come from a quest to understand through basic research, translational and clinical trials, new surgical techniques and ideas to improve care.

Teamwork. We must partner with each other and develop relationships with colleagues in other departments and disciplines.

Our Patients. Ultimately everything we do is because we care for our patients. The patient must be the main focus of our professional activities.

We must clearly be able to articulate the value, vision and mission of the department of surgery. The culture of camaraderie that has contributed to our success must be maintained. This will lead to success in recruitment and retention with values that are beyond monetary, a sense of duty to the patient and organization. In essence, the core values of Professionalism.


Excellence in patient care.

Innovation in surgical care, education and research.


To become the best tertiary surgical care provider in Virginia.

To become one of the best surgical training programs in the US and one of the top 20 surgical departments in research funding.

I encourage you to learn more about our surgical specialities, our commitment to medical education, and dedication to surgery research.


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Vigneshwar Kasirajan, MD Chair, VCU Department of Surgery

Vigneshwar Kasirajan, MD
Stuart McGuire Professor and Department Chair, VCU
Department of Surgery, VCU
School of Medicine, VCU Health

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